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Muslims are so under-represented everywhere.

Education,Civil Service, Business, Politics, everywhere.

Education: One example: in IISc, the premier research institute of India, there are roughly 40-50 Muslims of total 2000 students. Whereas Muslims form roughly 14% of India’s population.

Civil Services: Around 2-3% of the total number.

Politics: The Muslim statesmen we have are corrupt and powerless (two very interesting qualities). (disclaimer: this is a generalization. of course there are good people around)

You go to any Muslim ‘mahalla’ in any city/town/village you will see shabby streets with overflowing drains. Narrow streets and children playing in unhealthy situation

We need to solve this.

The key is education. Education is the solution to this problem. Education of ethics, science, history and philosophy.

God says (in the Qur’an) it is a duty on every Mu’min that he searches knowledge. He says it is a duty on every Mu’min that he excels in what he does. He also says that it is the duty on every Mu’min to help the oppressed.
How to achieve that?

By Schools, Awareness and Assistance. Shall we build new schools? Yes of course. But only where there is none. Many places there are many good schools in and around a Muslim area. But no Muslims to be found there(well, almost)!

Why is this situation? Because most of the people are fighting to make ends meet. And they are terribly UNAWARE how education help them in achieving just that. Many affluent Muslim family underestimates education too. They don’t know what they lose.

Awareness and assistance. That’s what we need.

Assistance. Lack of assistance makes a huge number of promising students drop out. Their fathers are unable to afford it. And probably they too will not be able, for their
In this situation only way out is external help. The WAQF board can play a big role here. They are all OUR children. We need to help them. A centralised scholarship program on a means cum merit basis will atleast start to change the situation.
But to do that it has to be big enough to make a change. And we have to help every type of students: potential politicians, businessmen, educationalist, historian, lawyers, scientists, doctors and engineers. All over the country. In proportion to the local Muslim population.

Let me Propose a Scholarship Program:

Suppose we do this: (The amounts are only suggestive.)

A very good student(regardless of what his family income is) will get Rs. 500 per month if he’s staying at home. and Rs. 1000 if outside.
Meritorious village students will get Rs. 1000 a month (home) or Rs. 2000 a month (village student in a remote village school).

If he/she is is from a urban poor family, he’ll/she’ll get Rs. 2000 (home) or Rs. 3500(outside).

There can be some further fluctuations depending on situation, for example students pursuing higher degrees will need more money. Those in schools will need less.
For those who has to support their family, money for work (maybe teaching younger kids) for them can be organised. The kids will pay some tuition fee and that will be paid to the students.


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