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Double Half Eid

It was a shame that Muslims in India celebrated Eid in two days. Same thing has been happening in the past few years. This has to be fixed.

Rushdie Sold
His personal diary. For undisclosed amount. He is a clever businessman, without doubt.


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I am going home. So blog will be inactive starting today up until 5th November. See you then. Happy Eid and Happy Diwali to all.

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I’m Sorry

A conversation with a beautiful lady in my campus. Seeing her I waved. She said:


Hi, how’re you?

Fine. You?


Didn’t go home for (Durga) puja?

Oh no, I will be going for Eid.

Oh I’m so sorry. I didn’t know you are…

Hey wait a minute. Why should you be sorry that I am a Muslim? Hmm. It’s the same thing. I’ve always been saying…

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Imrana Verdict Out

Imrana has finally got justice. I want, as I have said before, to see the clerics who gave the strange fatwa that she should marry her father-in-law must also be punished. A stronger demand has to come from within the Muslims.

Corus has accepted TATA bid. This is largest foreign takeover by an Indian company. I always admire TATA. So far they have no scams. And the business started with a vision (which was not ‘to be rich and famous’).

In madhya pradesh, a bus accident has killed 56 people.

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Reservation given Green at SC

The Supreme Court of India has upheld reservation for the lower castes, provided they can prove that the lower caste is under-represented. the decision of the government to implement quota College and University students had vigorously protested against the proposed quota.

One third of the people covered in a survey support torture. Italy seems to have to opted against the trend. India is fully in favor of torture, well almost full.

Yunus has announced that he would like to enter politics. Hope he does a good job.

In another news TATA seems to have moved one step ahead in purchasing Corus, a foreign steel company.

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Media’s Muslim

The Indian media, by and large, is not as bad as it could be. Even though I shall mainly talk about their faults in this article, I don’t think they are all bad guys. This article is to show where they could and should be better.

Let me start with a Muslim-unrelated news. Manipur is reeling. Is the media concerned? Apart from some isolated news here and there, hardly any coverage is offered to this unnecessary topic.

There is a media stereotype of the Muslims. One of bearded, angry, intolerant and foolish men, who are unable to think, but needs protection because they are also human beings. Sometimes the stereotype becomes more dangerous and tends to promote misunderstanding between Muslims and non-Muslims.

Mumbai vs Malegaon
Compare the Media’s coverage in three different cases. Gujarat, Mumbai Blast and Malegaon Blast. Two recent bomb blasts in India took place in Mumbai and Malegaon. The media was traumatised by the atrocity, justly enough, about the serial blasts in Mumbai, that killed 200 unsuspecting innocent civilians. The incidence was covered extensively for the next one month. Compare that with Malegaon blast, where Muslims were targeted. The media did report the Malegaon blast, but the front page space was spared only for two days. The incident quickly evaporated from the mind of the average Indian, as we became busy in our daily lives again.

The media failed to report that the police has been lazy to take action. Apparently they were either afraid of or sympathising with the criminals. Or maybe just pressure from top?

One more issue is perhaps relevant here. Muslims vehemently protested against the Mumbai blast. The Urdu press was awash with reports and analysis condemning the blast. The mainstream media did not bother to report that. So we here from the Hindus : ‘you never protested against Mumbai blast’. Muslims have enough reason to be frustrated.

2001 vs 2006
Gujarat got a good coverage. Starting from Godhra. The media covered the sad burning of about 58 people, mostly women and children, in a coach on 10th September . It is said, though open to challenge, that a mob of Muslim men has killed the people. Most of them pilgrims from Ayodhya. After that, as everybody knows, a violent mob was let loose on the Muslims. Not only Muslims were killed and abused and ill-treated wherever they were seen, also a systematic destruction was started on their properties. Many has seen the police assisting the mob. All these were reported by the media. That was in the beginning of Sep 2001. Post 911 propaganda was yet to begin.

After 911, there was a change. Western media is unbelievably powerful in propaganda and setting the mood.

Gujarat now has a lot of incidents that need coverage. They hardly are. Not only Muslims, but dalits too are living a bad dream.

In Assam there are quite a few branches of problems. Clashes of bengali and assamese cultures and the communal flames. All the Muslims are branded as bangladeshis by the Hindu right wing, who now find a sizable support. And all these hardly find a space in ‘mainstream’ media. The whole of North-East lives 50 years behind us. Violence is normal. Who cares?

All these seem to suggest there are two Indias: one is of the powerful and one of the powerless. Media merely reflects that.

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The Viswa Hindu Parishad has purified (shuddikriya) 336 tribal converts to Christianity in front of a huge crowd. Days after thousands of dalits converted to Christianity and Buddhism

It comes after reports that a christian youth has been abducted and abused by a mob of VHP. The catholics have expressed convern over the activity of extremists long time back. Nuns have been abducted and sexually abused. They had been creating trouble regarding beef. In Berhampore of Orissa, they wanted to stop selling of beef.

RSS also has been very active in Orissa for past few years, as Human Rights Watch observes. They have even abused and threatened a senior judge, Justice K.K. Usha, of rape. She was conducting a survey on their activities.

Graham Stain’s murder case was different. He was not Indian. So international pressure forced the gornment to take action. At the same time it was proved that it can, if it wants to, get hold of these miscreants.

All these clearly suggests that the reconversion is done under threat.

Bribing into Christianity

It is often accused that Christians are converting using force and money. The second one is possible (There are many religious people who are ready to spend a lot of money for the cause). First one is not. The Hindu right wing has a lot of patrons.

The government often does not want to touch them. Even if it does want to, it does not have the courage to take it up. In short, in India, it is not possible for the Christans to force-convert.

These we don’t find very often in the media. Not atleast in the Indian media. They carefully avoid anger of the right.

If the Christins are useing money to convert people, they are definitely on the wrong path. Does that justify all the bullying and spreading of hatred?

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