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Sensex Boom

Everybody knows. India’s sensex has reached 13 000 today. India’s economy has been growing consistently for the past two decades. The industry has done very well.

But the bad part is only few are benifitting from this boom. The poor is where they were. UNICEF reports that south Asia has most number of hungry children. Some 18 million children are suffering from malnutrition. Farmers in central India are committing suicide under pressure of rising debt. People suspect that it is due to free trade.

I don’t know how happy I should be about the sensex boom.

Pinky Peace

In an Indian town, Aurangabad in Bihar, the town authority has chosen to paint the town pink.

The town’s sub-division officer Arvind Kumar Singh reveals

About 80% of the buildings have been painted pink in the town and the rest would be completed by next week

Wondering why?
The city is very poor and crime rate is rising. Singh says:

What better colour than pink which symbolises good mood, soothing sight and good feelings. Pink also fosters communal amity and harmony

Butterflies in my stomach. I want to know whether it works or not.


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