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The Viswa Hindu Parishad has purified (shuddikriya) 336 tribal converts to Christianity in front of a huge crowd. Days after thousands of dalits converted to Christianity and Buddhism

It comes after reports that a christian youth has been abducted and abused by a mob of VHP. The catholics have expressed convern over the activity of extremists long time back. Nuns have been abducted and sexually abused. They had been creating trouble regarding beef. In Berhampore of Orissa, they wanted to stop selling of beef.

RSS also has been very active in Orissa for past few years, as Human Rights Watch observes. They have even abused and threatened a senior judge, Justice K.K. Usha, of rape. She was conducting a survey on their activities.

Graham Stain’s murder case was different. He was not Indian. So international pressure forced the gornment to take action. At the same time it was proved that it can, if it wants to, get hold of these miscreants.

All these clearly suggests that the reconversion is done under threat.

Bribing into Christianity

It is often accused that Christians are converting using force and money. The second one is possible (There are many religious people who are ready to spend a lot of money for the cause). First one is not. The Hindu right wing has a lot of patrons.

The government often does not want to touch them. Even if it does want to, it does not have the courage to take it up. In short, in India, it is not possible for the Christans to force-convert.

These we don’t find very often in the media. Not atleast in the Indian media. They carefully avoid anger of the right.

If the Christins are useing money to convert people, they are definitely on the wrong path. Does that justify all the bullying and spreading of hatred?


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Pak Peace Talks resume

Deja vu? Guess another episode of ‘meri (badmash) padosan‘ (My bad neighbor) has begun. Peace talks are being talked about. The talks has not begun, mind it. They’re saying It will begin from December.

After no talks from July (after the bombings), finally a little light.

Nursery Interview
Delhi High court has banned the city’s private nurseries from interviewing parents or children before admission.

Curfew in Rajasthan
BBC reports:

The authorities in the Indian state of Rajasthan have imposed a curfew in two towns of Sriganganagar district after clashes betweeen farmers and police.

The farmers are demanding more water to irrigate their crops.

The BBC’s Narayan Bareth in the state capital, Jaipur says that people of the town witnessed similar scenes in 2004 when police opened fire on a crowd, resulting in the deaths of five farmers.

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Fine Tuning

I had been fine tuning my october posts. Some more references and a few more facts have been added. In ‘conversion menace‘ a video I saw on YouTube (by the way YouTube is now baught by Google) is added. ‘Mumbai blast case solved‘ has a lot more references now. And a few changes here and there. As I got hold of a video that has Musharraf’s answeres to Adnan’s questions, the new video is put up in mighty tongue (the original video that I put up in the same post only had Adnan’s questions).

I am frustrated that I am getting no comments. If anyone is reading the posts, please save me from the frustration by commenting.

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