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Human Rights Watch talk about the Kashmir situation:

Behind The Kashmir Conflict


The dramatic escalation in May 1999 of cross-border shelling between India and Pakistan, and fighting between Indian troops and militants who have crossed over from Pakistan, have focused international attention on the security implications of the conflict. But the pattern of systematic human rights violations by all parties in Kashmir has been a critical factor in fueling the conflict that is often overlooked. If those violations had been seriously addressed at any time during the last ten years, the risk of a military confrontation between India and Pakistan might have been reduced.

This report documents human rights abuses in Indian-controlled Kashmir by both Indian security forces and Muslim militants, many of them believed to be Pakistani-trained, who have been fighting for independence. (more…)


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I posted it long back on my old blog. I am reposting it for those who are interested in Pakistan.

UPDATE: (Warning:) This is in Urdu. About 23 mins.

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Is the Qur’an Eternal?

We were discussing Ayan Hirsi Ali at Id‘s blog.

There he asks “how can a book, 1400 years old, can still be relevant?”.

I can not access blogspot for some days. So I will try to answer here.

Let me ask- how do we set this time scale? Situations changed a lot within the life-time of Muhammad (S) himself. Too fast. Would it not be that the Qur’an became irrelevant then itself?


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… and fear Allah, so that you may prosper” the Qur’an (2:189)

An estimated 84% of the world’s population attach themselves to one religion or the other. 16% of the world’s population do not. Even some of them may not be Atheists. Just does not like institutionalised religion.


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I took my last post off the hook. It was in no way relevant to this Blog.


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Frends and fellow bloggers on wordpress, digging is easier now.

I guess you already know about it. I just want to point out in case you have not.

Digg is a social recommendation site. You like some news, blog, or whatever: you digg it (which means you vote for it) by clicking on a button (either on the news/blog itself, or at digg’s website).

Use digg, whether you are on Blogger, or WordPress or whatever, for more readers. I have not, yet, but I will, InshaAllah.

Click here and here for more.

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Walking in Tehran

I watched the video I referred to yesterday.

I liked Tehran. I saw lanes of south Tehran before, in Children of Heaven. I was surprised to see that Tehran has an underground rail. That too, very slick. Well yeah, I did underestimate Tehran. A quick search told me the metro was built around 1995, and there is a proposal of a monorail (I don’t like costly monorail).

Iran has fourth largest blogging community! I wonder who the first three are…

I didn’t like a few things.

You have to cross the roads through the traffic, I don’t like that.

The cleric’s call for more children struck me as a very stupid idea. It created unemployment.

The press is hardly allowed to criticise the government. Not a very good thing to do. It will hurt none other than the government itself.

People of Iran dislike so much of sensoring, there seemed to be no revolution in the air. They, I felt, would like to solve the problem by themselves. (Or some of them take the easy way out!)

A lot of Iranians live outside Iran. They have suffered a big brain drain. Not a very good thing.

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