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There is, bit by bit, a lot of changes in the blog. First let me share a good news, “Reflections” was number 62 Fastest Growing Blog on WordPress on 31st Jan. Thank you everyone! (Even though I hope of a better future 🙂 .)

I have created and updated the Resources page. There is a new page dedicated to Video Documentaries. God willing, it will be filled with more good documentaries. I have to find some time for gathering links to articles. And time is always precious.

There are some more blogs linked to in my blogroll (that’s an apparently minute change).

I got a Technorati subscription (you can see the icon down in the panel.), and it really helps me keep track of the blogs I like. Those who don’t have a Technorati account, think again!



Thanks to Sharique, the Ummah and Non-Ummah categories in the blogroll are past. Now they are called Muslim and Non-Muslim. I may even remove Blogroll.

Another thing is the whole of my blogger blog is now here. A lot of links point to that blog. Otherwise I simply would have deleted it.


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