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Freedom to Lie?

Should we be free to lie? I know this is a leading question. It can be asked the other way: where should freedom of speech stop?

Simple fun lies should be no problem. I mean if I can’t lie to my friends and family, I won’t be able to give them a lot of surprises.

Where is the limit? Where is the border?

There is a grave chance of it being misused, if implemented. If we try to regulate lies, even legitimate claims may be called a lie and the person excecuted. Where is the way out?

For example the recent Tasleema controversy. What she did was basically ill-translated the Qur’an, quoted Surahs that did not exist (in the name she quoted) and did all sorts of things one can do to prove oneself, except by being truthful and impartial.

She will be widely read. A lot more people will misunderstand Islam. A lot more people will hate Islam. More bigots will get more petrol in their raths. The Last Day will draw a little nearer.

Should she be not held responsible for that?

How can we ensure that nobody can knowingly and purposely lies, at the same time ensuring that it does not stop legitimate criticism and be misused?


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