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Iran is in the spotlight.

Iraq was in spotlight few years ago.

Afghanistan was in spotlight before that.

Makes me weary. When the US’s propaganda machine gets working they have a goal in mind. Claim is, Iran is arming the insurgents in Iraq.

We had enough of talks, says some.

Talks? What talks? I mean I heard the president say- we will talk about the nuclear crisis if they unilaterally stop all activity. Great. What will you talk about then? Weather?



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I hate…

I hate the Sunnis. I hate the Shias. That is what Iraq looks like. Why blame the US?

There is a lot of Shia-Sunni violence going on in Iraq. There is a myth running in parallel: these people always keep fighting each other. So why blame the invasion?

The main point in case is: that there was a dramatic increase in number of sectarian violences and tension in Iraq, almost immediately after the invasion. Nobody’s denying that the Shias and Sunnis were not in best of their terms. The question is were they throwing bomb at each other? Were they fighting?


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