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Walking in Tehran

I watched the video I referred to yesterday.

I liked Tehran. I saw lanes of south Tehran before, in Children of Heaven. I was surprised to see that Tehran has an underground rail. That too, very slick. Well yeah, I did underestimate Tehran. A quick search told me the metro was built around 1995, and there is a proposal of a monorail (I don’t like costly monorail).

Iran has fourth largest blogging community! I wonder who the first three are…

I didn’t like a few things.

You have to cross the roads through the traffic, I don’t like that.

The cleric’s call for more children struck me as a very stupid idea. It created unemployment.

The press is hardly allowed to criticise the government. Not a very good thing to do. It will hurt none other than the government itself.

People of Iran dislike so much of sensoring, there seemed to be no revolution in the air. They, I felt, would like to solve the problem by themselves. (Or some of them take the easy way out!)

A lot of Iranians live outside Iran. They have suffered a big brain drain. Not a very good thing.


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