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I don’t like the pictures shown in this and this news report. The British woman, who is not a Muslim, has suddenly started wearing headscarves! I don’t like it. I think she has been forced, or at the least intimidated to do it.

I won’t enter into the debate of whether they were in Iranian waters or not, because I am quite ignorant about the border. Worse, even if I did, I would never know where they were captured.

There are many others who know much better than me. I am only struck by the hijab (refer to first para).

I don’t like it.


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We often hear, from different camps, “These man-made laws are never going to solve our problems” and “What! Shari’a law is an alternative? Really? Do you want women to be confined to solve all problems?”

Here is the problem. Both sides have little idea of what they are talking about. Such comments show ignorance of both ‘man made laws’ and the ‘Shari’a’ law’.

We have to realize that Islam never promises to solve ‘all problems’ of this world. It did not happen during the last Prophet (S)’s time. It is not going to happen now.

After that ‘revelation’ let me move on to the issue at hand.


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After this.

It is said, that the atrocities by atheists were not committed in the name of Atheism.

We must remember that Atheism did not have a ‘name‘ to exploit until recently. The name of Religion is useful to incite passion among people. Atheism lacked that ability. So the name was not used.

What we should watch out for, really, is how much atrocities are created because of the ideology in question.
And there Atheism fails miserably. (more…)

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An interesting interview of Sumit Sarkar and Tanika Sarkar.

…Hindutva forces are very unevenly spread out and there are many countervailing factors, I don’t think that it has all the marked features of fascism.

It doesn’t have a very formed, organized left enemy that it contends against…

Gowalkar quite openly said that India is not meant for electoral democracy. […] Between 1925 and 1947 the RSS could happily be brahminical and depend on and rely on an inherited authority, a social authority, a prescriptive authority. […] After 1947, it’s forgotten how open the RSS had been about the need for a monarchical India, the need for a brahminical India, because that language had to be dropped. And somewhere between the 1950s and 1960s, Deendayal Upadhyay made that kind of rhetorical shift. And the BJS was formed and a more democracy-friendly rhetoric was developed.


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The promised site is finally up here. It is called Ijtema.

We shall bring forth the best of Islamic blogs, posts to be more precise, that we come across. You are welcome there.

It will cover things that relate to Islam/Muslims.

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A new group blog has taken off.

Check it out. It has some real good writers (my opinion, of course! )

UPDATE: This is not the one I was talking obout. That is under construction. (Thanks Homeyra for making me realise the confusion)

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The US military is struggles to overcome a legacy of sexual harassment, assault and even rape by male colleagues.

“I would say that sexual harassment is endemic in the military today. It’s just an unfortunate fact of life for women who are serving in the armed forces now.”

“It’s a huge betrayal. So it feels like … betrayal is too weak a word … my army, that I was willing to die for, just let me down.”

More here .

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