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Sharique has proposed a group blog primarly featuring Muslim bloggers.

[UPDATE: Group blog’s not the word. It is more like a blog reporter. We would like to work as a front page for other blogs. Shariqe explaines below ]

I think that’s a great idea.

Before taking the plunge, we want some more volunteers. A blog like that will need 4-5 dedicated bloggers to keep things ticking.

We also want opinions about the scope and style of the blog.

Shariqe has desipundit.com in his mind as a model.

I think 3quarksdaily is another one to look at.

My opinions are these:

We can have a front page like the news-sites (BBC etc). Where we shall publish the headlines and a little details and some photos. Clicking on the links will take people to the blog of the author. That way there will be an immense diversity, and we shall never be short of commitment because everybody loves traffic. 🙂

The page will work like the front page of a lot of blogs. A bit like

Difference will be in our case the blogs will appear at different places: blogspot, wordpress etc. etc.

More ideas please. About:





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