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Muslims in 1857

A hundred and fifty years ago, a huge battle raged in India. This battle, often dubbed the Mutiny, or India’s First War of Independence, has many aspects we don’t know.

As an Indian and a Muslim, as I am, let me quote an article(by Firoz Bakht Ahmed) that talks about the role of Muslims in the Mutiny-

More than half a million Muslim clerics sacrificed their lives for India during the various phases of the great 1857 revolt – a fact almost buried like the mutineers themselves. These Indian freedom fighters came from the same madrasas that have been under scanner all over the world since 9/11.

In 1997, I was witness as well as part of the grand celebration of India’s completion of 50 years of independence. Not one word was mentioned during that event about the role of the ulema and the madrasas in the battle against the English. It was hurting. Celebrated Punjabi litterateur Kartar Singh Duggal says in his autobiography that the Indian maulvis were one with the pandits on the issue of retaining the age-old Indian traditions – both Vedic and Islamic.

Relates Maulana Umar Gautam of Madrasa Markaz-ul-Ma’arif that madrasas are a legacy of the Mughal rule when these “institutions of higher learning” were set up to promote both religious and scientific knowledge. In the 1857 Sepoy Mutiny, as the English call it, the madrasas had become hubs of nationalism and had to bear the wrath of the British.

The madrasas remained the hub of the anti-British movement even later.


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When do you think it is worse- when the person in a person is attacked or when his/her ideals are attacked?

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A US spy ship, USS Liberty, was shot at during the seven day war(1967) by Israel. They tried at first to make it look like an attack by Egypt. Which almost succeeded. The US army responded by sending a A4 nuclear armed bomber to nuke Cairo. Somehow they realized that it was Israel’s work, and they didn’t even rebuff Israel.

This is called justice, equality and freedom. You already know that.

Here is a BBC documentary on it. One hour.

Here is one more.

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Thinking Blogger Award

iMuslim has tagged me (and indirectly asked me) to tag five more people.

The moment I saw this rule- each person tags five more, I knew, sooner or later, it’s coming to me. Not because I am some super duper thinker. Just because if you go on like that, number of people that are tagged will rise like crazy(that’s called exponentially), and almost all every active blogger will get tagged evantually.

That does not mean I do not appreciate iMuslim’s admiration, however.

Okay, anyway, whatever.

So let me tag five people (please remember that I don’t want to waste my time thinking who makes me think most- so this list is actually very different if I were to sit and think and then do it— therefore, please don’t take offence if you’re not on this list. Moreover, I didn’t tag those who’ve already been tagged.)

I won’t be offended at all if you don’t respond to this tag. (Do I sound cold? Okay let’s be warm- I will like it if you don’t respond. Better? 🙂 )







The rules of this tag are as follows:

1. If and only if you get tagged, write a post linking 5 of the blogs and their post that made you think.

2. Link to the person who tagged you so that people can find the original meme.

3. Optional: Proudly display the ‘Thinking Blogger Award’ with a link to the post that you wrote.

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Call it the new age. Al Jazeera English has launched their website on YouTube. They broadcast the non-news programs (or features) on YouTube, and I am quite impressed by some of them. I like Everywoman and Witness.

Link to the AJE YouTube Channel.

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