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This post could be long. I’ll write it in small parts, instead.

Alan Johnston banner

Allan Johnston, the only western reporter who used to live in Ghaza, is captive for a long time now. He is probably alive.

It was very important that some western reporter lives in Ghaza and reports from there to the West, in a language that is understandable in the West. The fact that Johnston is abducted, and therefore there is no western journalist in Ghaza is defeating for the Ghazans. Because whatever news comes out, mostly comes through Israel, from journalists living in Jerusalem.

The Ghazans themselves have expressed anger and dismay at this. But the captors have not relented.

Only Israel benefits from it. Nobody else. The stupids who have captured him, must understand that, if they are not actually working for Israel.

Sami Al-Hajj

Sami Al-Hajj is another. He is held by the Americans. Without any charge, of course. The big brother doesn’t need to prove anything. He is now in the infamous Guantanamo.

He is not as well-known as Allan is. Perhaps because he’s not white- eh?


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Brides for Sale

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Aamir Khan

When Arundhati Roy decided to open her mouth (and mind), a friend and well-wisher warned that she must clear up her taxes.

Aamir Khan suredly did not have such a well-wisher. It doesn’t matter whether the land he possesses are legal for him or whatever else is the matter. The crux is- he had a weakness there. And that is being exploited. He spoke out against the governments regarding the Narmada Dam, about the BJP in Gujarat and about the Gujarat killings.

Some other actors may well have much more glaring, more obvious inconsistencies, but they’ll not be asked any questions.

That certainly is outrageous. (A similar reaction we saw in Shahi Imam’s attack on Shabana- I am Authority, do not challenge Me! [Are we Muslims?]).

A film actor, very popular, making the politicians uneasy! That certainly can not be tolerated. So they resort to the time tested method- legal harrassment.

In Indian courts, fighting a minor case is harassment enough. The case drags on. You end up spending 20,000 rupees for a land worth 5,000. And in all these 20 years the case has dragged on(yes, it really takes that long), the land hasn’t produced much.

That was only a typical case. Things can get much worse if the police are not just greedy, but angry. And politicians are behind the scene.

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Misdirected Hyderabad Bomb Blast Investigations

It is being suggested by the authorities that are looking into the bombings that the real purpose of “Islamic Terrorists” is to provoke communal riots. If after planting bombs in mosques in Malegaon and Hyderabad, the “Islamic Terrorists” could not provoke communal riots, they must be either naïve or running out of options to tread the same path again and again to see yet another failure in achieving their objective of communal riots. The “Islamic Terrorists” risk demoralizing their cadres by their consistent failure in creating riots. If provoking communal riots is the objective of “Islamic Terrorists” then they could do better by studying Reports of Enquiry Commissions appointed by various governments like, Raghubar Dayal Commission (Ranchi-Hatia, 1967), […] and scores of other reports which have brought to the fore that those riots were not accidents but well planned and executed and it required days, if not months of continuous and sustained provocative and divisive speeches and publication of communal propaganda and collection of arms and ammunitions. Then a spark like throwing stone on a religious procession, hitting a cow, […]. These rumours enhance the threat perception of an ordinary citizen and mobilizes him / her and even leads them to attack “rivals”.


Shooting at the victims

A fact finding commission’s report made me seethe in anger.

The committee equally condemns the police firing on innocent people killing 9 and injuring several others with out any provocation.

What the hell is going on?

You don’t shoot at Gujjars who are creating arson and attrition, and you shoot at people angered by justifiable reason? You attack the victim? Is that it?

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Police and Politics

The fake encounters, the shooting on protesters(in Hyd after the Mosque bombing), the jumping to conclusion that it was the work of LeT or JeM or some other Muslim organisation, giving Bajrang Dal a clean chit, not sparing a word about the atrocities at Manipur and North East India in general (and have we forgotten Malegaon and the farce investigation?)-

– all reasons why I don’t trust the Police. Should I trust the Polity?

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buy from small shops

Please avoid the lustre of big corporate shops. They are killing the poor small shops.

Buy from small shops.

And please spread the word.

(I have grown tired of apologizing for absence. Please assume that this is going to continue.)

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