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After reading( http://www.hindu.com/2007/07/17/stories/2007071755660800.htm ) Hasan Suroor in The Hindu dated Jul17, I remembered a laconic fable I read as a kid.

A wolf and a kid are drinking water from the same stream. The wolf upstream, the kid downstream. The wolf wants to savour the kid. So, he goes-

“Hey, why are you making my water dirty?”

“How can I, sir? I am downstream!”

“What! Such impertinence?”

“I did not say anything bad, sir!”

“Okay, you did not, but once your father abused me. You will pay for it.” -says the wolf, and jumps on the kid.

The crux of Suroor’s argument is that Muslims can not deny a collective responsibility for what happened at Glasgow.



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I am quite impressed with Zainab Salbi. It is very difficult and perhaps inappropriate to pass a judgement about someone in just one encounter, but I really liked her efforts to rebuild woman’s lives.

Another thing that made me very happy is that a lot of women, who lost their husbands in the September the 11th attack, gave in charities to rebuild the lives of women devasted in the Afghan war. “It is our way of bringing peace and mutual understanding”, said they.

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There are some people who still think that the sun is going around the earth.  I have met one of them personally. He argued that what he was saying was scientifically correct.

Can his argument be called scientific?

If not, then there can never be Islamic Terror. There can never be Peace Terror.

What do we call those Muslims who try to kill innocent civilians?

Plain, call them just what they are- Muslim terrorists.

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After remaining down for four days, Ijtema (the Congregation of Muslim Bloggers) has been up and running from tuesday. The traffic hasn’t cought up yet, but it will, InshaAllah.

Somehow, during last month, I felt there’s a draught of good posts. Some bloggers decided to go on hiatus, or to sign off. Many have come back, masha’Allah.

This week, I am happy with the posts we found.

See you there.


You could check DaraIslamLive too.

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Let me first express my anger and dismay at the terrorist’s attempt.

Yet, There’s a huge flow of misinformation and blown up information out there. That seems to take even sensible people hostage.

Three or four related news came up very close-
1. Australia admitted that they invaded Iraq for oil- (crores of people were taken hostage by the invasion, thousands dead and dying, thousands homeless)
2. Lal Masjid in Pakistan- (a thousand people or more taken hostage)
3. Glasgow bombing (nobody injured, except the attackers)
4. Countless dead in Iraq, Afghanistan.

Where are we putting the emphasis? We are talking of 2 and 3; overlooking 1 and 4. But they are linked. Deeply.

And that brings me to the second point. The Glasgow bombing attempt may have been committed by Muslims, but the motivation was not Islam . The motivation was political- created by anger and helplessness vis-a-vis an immensely powerful west.

Why is the motivation never presented to us as political? Simple. If people know that these “(horrendous) activities are results of atrocious foreign policy, you lose your legitimacy. But, if you can somehow impute that muslims are inherently violent, and they commit violence because of their religion, then nobody questions your motive.

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Allan Johnston is freed. BBC Editor’s blog has thanked everybody for their support, except Hamas- those who ensured the freedom.

Why am I not surprised?

This response of a Ghazan journalist is particularly appalling.


Australia has been the first to admit that securing oil was the reason they participated in the genocide of the Iraqis.

Thank you for your courage.

(I should probably have put an exclamation mark there, at the end of the last line. I thought that was not  necessary!)

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I pray that Sami will one day, too!

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