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Indian Landless March to Delhi

The Indian landless have been marching for almost a month (yes a month). They started on 2nd Oct. They have multiple issues (if you’re interested, see the BBC article). They want land, water and the multinationals not to take away their lands.

Agree with them or not, 25000 people marching for a month is no small affair. Indian media, by and large, have ignored it. We, bloggers, have failed too, to bring this to notice. The poor are losing share in India.

Another depressing news: just as the sensex crossed, 20000, India ranked 93 among 119 developing countries in poverty index. This, too, went unnoticed.

India is for us. The rich.


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Seven Fives

Blame it on Sporadic.

List 5 things that you want to say to people but never will. Don’t say who they are.


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Let the Iraqi Refugees Work!

Iraqis have been running from Iraq since invasion. Now, only two countries are open to them, Syria and Amman. No other country is letting refugees in, not even Iran.

Even those that are, are not letting the refugees work. How will they survive, by God? How will they feed their women and children? People are turning to crime, or they are being exploited, just like the way the Afghan refugees were exploited in Iran (during Soviet invasion).

We shout so much against Europe’s injustice, and they not only let refugees come in, but also work. One of my friends recently met a Afghan woman who has opened a restaurant at Stuttgart, Germany. She’s a Muslim, and her family was under threat (from some militants) for protecting some Sikhs of her village.

And we, claiming to be brethren, can’t even let our brothers earn their bread? Because they were born on a different soil? Was the soil different? Made by another god?

Remember the Ansars and the Muhajirs! They shared their homes, their fields and their yield. Why can we not learn from them?

Please God, give us some compassion!

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Target url

I have written about Al-Jazeera not being allowed to downlink in India before. Nothing has changed since then (who expected anything to happen? 🙂 )

(In the meantime, I’ve loved this interview of Alice Walker. Have a look, it’s only about 15 mins.)

Anyway, determined not to give up, I’ve prepared a petition at PetitionOnline (May God bless them for their noble effort).

To sign the petition, please go here. Please, also, help by spreading the word.

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Once when Prophet Muhammad, SAW, (he probably wasn’t a Prophet yet) was on a business trip to Damascus, he stopped outside the city and refused to go in. When asked why, he replied, one enters the paradise only once.

Here is a look at the paradise-

1: 13 mins

2: 10 mins

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Everybody seems to agree that PKK, a communist organisation, are terrorists. Even reports from eastern Turkey say that popularity of PKK is low there among the Kurds. The Kurds in Turkey seems to want to live in Turkey, in peace and with dignity.

Yet, AlJazeera showed us some villages that was razed by the Turkish army in the past. That is not acceptable. Nor is the fact that the Kurdish language is not recognised in Turkey even though Kurdish people make up about one fifth of population.

I don’t think a separate Kurdistan is going to solve any problems. It will only increase antagonism. Fragmentation is not a desirable thing. But the Turkish government has to give up it’s pretensions and give the Kurds in their country some incentive they deserve. That will reduce any remaining support for PKK and will rout it out, God willing.

PKK is definitely not the solution. Nor is more violence and killings. It will only alianate Kurds inside and outside Iraq.

From a Islamic point of view, it’s a crime to kill innocent people.

Say No to war.

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