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The outpost of liberty

2: It’s outrageous. These violent protests. They caused a lot of damage.

1: Have you have seen the way Taslima Nasrin was brought up again, without context, and politicized?

2: Yeah! (gleams)

1: I agree. I don’t like it too. It only makes Nasrin more credible. She has now become the symbol of courage! The outpost of liberty!

2: That’s not the point. The point is that she must be allowed to talk freely.

1: I agree. But only as long as he/she is truthful, isn’t?

2: That’s completely irrelevant. Everybody’s views should be heard.

1: Should lies not be accountable? I mean if tomorrow somebody goes around telling that you stole his money- with a megaphone- will you let him get away?

2: We are talking Nasrin, and not what might happen to me.

1: Yes, and we still are. I agree with you that violences serve no purpose. I am trying to go beyond that, and discuss what Nasrin is trying to say.

2: It doesn’t matter.

1. Duh!


Well, if it doesn’t matter, then what is the big deal if the politicians lie? Or is it that 2’s version of free speech apply in very specific cases?

But then, we are discussing Nasrin, and not what politicians do. 2 does have a logic.


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A case in Saudi has caught much attention.

The case was like this: a married woman was talking to her ex. Some other men came and raped her.

The rapists have been found and jailed. (They should actually be punished to death.)

The woman has been punished to lashes for being with a non-related man.

Now, she has been violated and that’s a major crime against her. She has already suffered a lot. Why punish her then? I mean she’s already suffered!


Media Headline: “Rape Victim Punished

What does that mean? It suggests that the woman was punished because she was violated. That’s (not) nonsense. (It’s a well conceived twist of words.)

She was not punished because she was raped. She was punished because she was guilty (according to UAE law) of something else.

Now, we can debate for days whether punishing a woman for being with non-makruh person or husband for millenia. But what I am trying to say is that she was not punished for being a rape victim.

I have heard that the Prophet used to preach to lone women.(Can somebody please confirm that?) But then he did not gossip or flirt with them.

And God knows best.


People have suddenly become very concerned about the well-being of Muslim women. Fun is United States is behind Sri Lanka in gender equality index.

Sarson mein bhoot… (rough translation: “when a devil plays god”).

Let us sort our problems out.

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Nuclear Energy

I am opposed to nuclear energy. No, I should say I have become.

I have been convinced by an engineer-scientist-activist that nuclear energy is very unsafe (Chernobyl type explosions can take place anytime). It isn’t a green energy. According to him, all nuclear scientists and engineers know that, but they will lose their profession if nuclear energy goes away!

I was rather neutral about Iranian nuclear program. Now I am against it.

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The Kolkata Violences

Indscribe has important things to say about Kolkata violences, and I agree with him. The issues he points out are more important for Muslims than for others.

If it was a protest over just Nandigam, I could understand. But the way Jamiat brought the issue of Taslima Nasrin and also the murder of Rizwanur Rahman, it is a dangerous signal. […] As I saw the stone pelting on streets and the iamges of burning car and mob clashing with police, imposition of curfew, I could imagine what must be going through the minds of many non-Muslims, ‘These Muslims, the troublemakers…they are at it again’.

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No Thanks!


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Home Alone

Both my parents work. When I was small, my mother used to drop me off at my auntie’s place who lives nearby, and then go to work.

Sometimes I used to stay at home, alone.

But living alone at an age of 12? Day and night? In and out?

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Enjoying the Purpose of Life

Life 2

Life is fleeting. It goes away even before we know it.

And all the while we keep worrying about what future holds for us. One after another year passes, and we keep waiting for the next one.

Then we die.

Life is temporary. Living for the future is like chasing after the rainbow.

Living for the present is worshiping enjoyments of this life. Enjoying life is not bad. Living for enjoying is.

Live we should to please our Lord, the Kind, the Merciful. To be at Peace with the rest of the Creation, as they follow His Command. Attain Success.
Live we should for the the Day. When all things shall be decided. Live we must for after that. For that is true. That is for ever.

(The picture above is used as indicative of Jannah. I found the picture through gess.)

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