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I have many things to do on my blog. I don’t have time for any. I am sorry that I can’t even reply to the comments and questions.

I shall, hopefully return early Jan- but only marginally.

In the meantime, I discovered something useful- an online GRE general test preparation site. It’s fee, and my first impression is good. But I have no idea why it is named so.



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To bomb her, or not to bomb her? (Photo- Ali Majedor)

To be happy, or not to be, is the question.

Many of us are very happy about the NIE report that says Iran has no nuclear weapons program- which means one less reason to go to war.

But is it time to celebrate yet? I’d suggest caution.

The report also said Iran “stopped” it’s nuclear weapons program (NWP) in 2003- which means Iran had a NWP before 2003- something that’s very dangerous, and in contradiction with IAEA reports.

Mist ahoy, friends. Reduce steam and have faith.

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Mummyjaan tagged me to share seven weirdness in me.

After scratching my head for past two weeks, I could not find anything that’s weird in me.
Conclusion: the most weird thing about me is that I am not weird at all!

As I have already broken the rule by not being weird, I am going to leave the rules alone and tag everyone on my blogroll.

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