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Is going to hell.

It used to be good once upon a time.


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He may be a bad guy in the eyes of the minorities, but Modi made Gujarat shine! Is it really so?

Not quite.

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Shoulder of Giants

“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants”

– Isaac Newton.

ibn al-Haitham

ibn al-Haitham

Which giants? Is ibn Al-Haitham one of them? What about ibn Rushd? At-Tusi, maybe?

[Along with the Greek giants, of course.]

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The Pro-Palestenian Rallies

Are full of people with non-standard looks. Unshaved beards, long hair, dishevelled dress, piercing etc. compared to the pro-Israeli rallies. Especially in the West.

Probably because they are the defiants. They want to change what is norm (now.) And it shows.

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We saw what happened at Malegaon. We know the drama that unfolded after that.

Pragyan Singh Thakur

Pragyan Singh Thakur

Most of the people of India did not realize the dangers of assuming that every act of terrorism is the work of a single religious group. That it was wrong. That it was wide open for exploitation.

It appears that the investigators of Malegaon blasts were wise enough to do away with the presumption. That investigation  led to some stunning revelations. A Sadhvi often seen very close to the VHP, the RSS and the BJP’s core was arrested, along with several other members of fanatic Hindu groups.

There is another incident that has not received as much attention. That of Hubli blasts

In may 2008 there was a blast in Hubli around the time when a SIMI member was to be tried. At first, as usual, the blame was on SIMI.  A little spice thrown in with the names of LeT and HuJI. Rediff, which seems to me to be very prejudiced,  was quick to pick up the story. [URL http://www.rediff.com/news/2008/may/11hubli.htm ]

A few days later, a man was arrested because he was thought to be involved with the incident. It makes big news, sellable news because he’s a Muslim man. The “other.” [URL:http://www.expressindia.com/latest-news/hubli-blast-suspect-arrested-in-city/344162/ ]

The BJP propaganda and rhetoric machine used this incident, along with Malegaon blasts and other such incidents to create an atmosphere of fear before the Karnataka elections. And they won the election. (Within a few months came a riot sweeping through Karnataka. This one was targeting Christians.)

Then came the (anti-)climax. Early 2009, a few “dacoits” (according to Indian Express) were arrested in connection with Hubli blasts. [ Indian Express article URL: http://www.indianexpress.com/news/dacoit-with-hindu-outfit-links-behind-hubli-blast/410062/ ] Note that they are “dacoits” according to Indian Express, and not “erstwhile dacoits turned terrorists.” We know the definition of terrorists.

To quote the TCN article

The bomb blast in the Hubli court premises was triggered on May 10, 2008. On May 12, 2008 some SIMI activists were scheduled to be produced in the Hubli court. There was no casualty as the court was closed on that day. In no time, SIMI and Lashkar-e-Toiba were blamed for the blast, and Muslim youths were picked.

One of them was Zakti Shaukat Ali Iqbal Ahmed from Belgaum, who was held at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport on August 4, 2008 in connection with the Hubli court blast. He had arrived from Muscat. The Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) handed him over to the Karnataka police.

Now after arresting the nine-member gang of hardcore criminals, who are also said to be affiliated with Hindutva extremist organization, the police said they were involved in the Hubli court blast.

The arrested have been identified as Nagaraj Jambagi (24), Ramesh Pawar (24), Basavaraj Diggi (22), Manjunath Binjawadagi (19), Deepak Govindakar (28), Lingaraj Jalgar (24), Basavaraj Rugi (20), Hanamant Sainasakali (22) and Channabasappa Hunasagi (35) – all from Karnataka.

The police said the ten-member gang led by Nagaraj Jambagi was involved in bomb blast, and some other murder and robbery cases. One of their accomplices Lakshman Bandiwaddar was killed by the gang members earlier over some money matter.

The police are describing them as hardcore criminals, and not affiliated with any Hindutva organization. The Roznama Rashtriya Sahara, however, says Nagaraj Jambagi is personal secretary of Pramod Tilak, chief of Sri Ram Sena. Tilak is former Bajrang Dal member. Some time back he quit Bajrang Dal and formed Sri Ram Sena and announced to form Hindu suicide squads.

What are we doing about this?

UPDATE: Indscribe writes about Hubli blasts too!

UPDATE II: Mohib Ahmad on Hubli blasts.

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Sunrise in the West

I am not going to tell the actual locations involved because they are irrelevant.

I was traveling in an aeroplane a few days ago. About a month ago, actually. It was late afternoon when we took off. Around four o’clock. In winter sun sets earlier. The sun was still there, right at the horizon.

Sunrise from the Sky

Sunrise from the Sky

After we took off, the plane started flying north-west. The sun was rushing west, and it overtook us. Disappeared behind the horizon. We got very close to the North Pole.

We, then, turned west. We never changed speed. But we overtook the sun. We saw the sun slowly rise from the west. It was dark red. Then red. Then yellow. Then white. You couldn’t look at it any longer.

We turned south-west. The sun went on westwards. It overtook us again. We saw it turn yellow. Orange. Red. Dark red. When we were at our destination, from high in the sky where we were, we could still see the sun. The city underneath us was dark. When we descended, it was evening. From afternoon to evening in about five minutes.

I saw sun rise twice the same day.

Once in the east. Once in the west. It set twice too, but all of them in the west. So that it could rise in the east again the next day.


The earth is rotating. But the ground speed of rotation is not same everywhere. All places have to go in circles around the axis in one day, but different latitudes have different distances to cover. Near the equator, a place has to go the farthest in a day, covering earth’s circumference (about 40192 km) in a day. That’s approximately 1650 km an hour. At the pole however, the place does not move at all! so the speed is zero. As we go from equator to the pole, the speed of earth’s rotation goes from 1650 km/h to 0 km/h.

My plane was going at about 850 km an hour. Near the equator, the sun (actually, the earth below) will easily outrun us. When we went close to the pole, the earth is moving much slower. And we can go faster than earth’s rotation. That’s how we saw the Sun rise in the west.

This is how my flightpath looked like.

This is how my flightpath looked like.

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Anyone still around?

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