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I suddenly realized, of all the ‘Ulema I have met so far, none said “I don’t know” or “I am not sure” as an answer to a question that I or anybody asked. I then remembered of the Hadith where one of the Sahaba was asked a series of questions, and to a majority of them he answered “I don’t know.”

Even though I have heard “there is difference of opinion regarding that, so it’s a murky area.” A few days later even that may go away, I am afraid.


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I am sure, after sufficient advance in neuro-science, I will become unnecessary.

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It’s so hard to converse with those who do not listen! They assume your stand, and argue with the assumed stand. It becomes unnervingly difficult to get through to these guys.

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Justice Katju’s remarks have sparked a controversy. I agree with the leaders in spirit.

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And there it is! Chavez calls for a universal currency for buying oil. All set to replace USD as world’s reserve currency!

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