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I do not like the metaphor of country as mother. If at all, a country is more like a child than a mother.


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No country seems to be very ambitious in this regard, even though a healthy economy is very dependent on these. Turkey and Malaysia are the countries where there is a possibility of sowing the seeds of science and techonology (am I missing some others here?). But business and the governments will have to be supportive of that. More importantly perhaps, there has to be an awareness of how important these things are, and also a culture that is compatible with science. Ego, selfishness and lack of tolerance of difference of opinion are principal enemies of advances in science and technology.

KAUST was a welcome development. Let’s see where it goes.

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Here’s why-

1. You don’t have to pay for license.

2. Savings on antivirus software

3. No expenses for data recovery. No matter what antivirus you install, Windows manages to catch some disease.

4. If it’s a big company, then employees can customize the software and the operating system to any extent wanted. That’s not possible with Windows.

5. With local mirror set up, updates are a lot faster, installation of new programs instantaneous.

6. With soft RAID, no data is lost, and for less money than hard RAID.

7. Many choices of flavor- SuSE, Ubuntu, Fedora and so on.

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They will not let them. Nor can a good government survive when people they rule over are dishonorable.

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Corporate Media

What is wrong with the mainstream media is not that it gives out wrong opinions. What is wrong is that it gives out the wrong facts. Wrong facts give rise to wrong perception, and wrong perception leads to wrong opinion.

This I say for those who say “What’s wrong if they got it wrong? you can judge it for yourself.” Well, I can’t if they tell me lies. Nor can you. Unless you verify the facts from somewhere more reliable.

But if you are doing that, why go to the corporate media in the first place?

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