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Narcissism is a poison. Sadly, the narcissist doesn’t realize he/she is one.

May Allah protect us from Satan, the accursed.


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Drought Alert

In India this year rainfall is projected to be 40% of what is normal. That means many going hungry, and many more farmers committing suicide.

Climate change!

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I know of four accidents involving civilian aircrafts this month. About half thousand died in those events.

Inna Ilayahi wa inna Ilyahi rajiun.

Two of them in Iran. The sanctions’ been killing them. Time to invest in developing civilian aircraft, inshaAllah.

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The stupid policeman in his arrogance did not realize what he was doing. He was actually shooting his own foot. Gates had every right to ask for police badge (how do you know he’s not posing? just coz he’s white?) and that hurt the ego of the arrogant man. (For some reason police in big cities of USA seem to be on steroids. Is it a hollywood effect?) Anyway, hopefully the way the event played out, the racist elements of the police will be more careful inshaAllah.

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This is good.

Alan Lord, a FOSS computer consultant based in the UK, has announced that Amazon UK honored his request for a refund of the Microsoft license fee portion of the cost of a new Asus netbook PC that came with Microsoft Windows XP. Lord details the steps that he took to obtain a refund of 40.00 GBP for the cost of the EULA, complete with links to click to request a refund.

For US Residents, this is worth checking out.

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Just as I had imagined

Kim Zetter, wired.com, Researcher: BlackBerry Spyware Wasn’t Ready for Prime Time, 21 Jul 09, “A BlackBerry software upgrade in the Middle East that turned out to be an e-mail interception program was likely a buggy beta version of a U.S.-made surveillance product, according to an analyst who dissected the malicious code.

Via Virtually Islamic.

Where is the outcry similar to the phoney one we saw about Iranian law?

Go Open Source. Go Linux.

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Tom Hurndall, Shot Dead When Trying to Escort Palestinian Children

Tom Hurndall, Shot Dead When Trying to Escort Palestinian Children

Did Washington’s top heads ever sat down and thought for a moment- what has alliance with Israel has given to the United States?

Prior to the creation of the state of Israel in Arabia, US was viewed favourably in the Arab and Muslim world. Creation of Israel, it’s wars with it’s neighbors, one after another war crimes it committed were all done using the support of US. Arabs (both Muslims and Christians) were forced to leave their homes. Jailed, beaten and killed for little or no reason. Israel treated Arabs from the inception of the country, and especially during the naqba and after the occupation of West Bank and Gaza as less than human. US was seen as supporting Israel, making it a distrusted entity in the eyes of the rest of the world.

The heavily damaged USS Liberty the day after the attack. June 8, 1967
The heavily damaged USS Liberty the day after the attack. June 8, 1967

During the 1967 war with it’s neighbors, Israel almost tricked US into dropping nuclear bomb on Cairo. It  had attacked USS Liberty, an American Navy ship killing 34 American crew members. Thinking that it was the act of Egypt (how can Israel do such a thing? They are allies, right?) US Navy launched fighter planes from it’s carrier to drop a nuclear bomb in Cairo. If the attack was not called off in time, US will have earned a very bad name in history. All because of it’s “ally.” What did US do in response, when it came to know that it was Israel that did it? It hushed the matter. Talk about being a good friend. Albeit self-destructive one. (more…)

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