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As read on Times of India.

That’s not exactly the TOI headline (VHP accuses Centre of bias against Hindus)

The word bias in the TOI headline, in that illustrious company, cries out for quotation marks. Or maybe a bunch of them.

No link provided, as TOI is trash.


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They Want to Be Like Us

Is a very effective opium that cuts across political spectrum.

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AJE Magic Over?

Nonsense, over at AJE.


What has gone wrong?

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US Exports

US exports three major things-

Knowledge, US Dollar, and BS.

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Told me things I did not know.

Now that Henry Louis Gates’ Jr. has gotten a tiny taste of what “the underclass” undergo each day, do you think that he will go easier on them? Lighten up on the tough love lectures? Even during his encounter with the police, he was given some slack. If a black man in an inner city neighborhood had hesitated to identify himself, or given the police some lip, the police would have called SWAT. When Oscar Grant, an apprentice butcher, talked back to a BART policeman in Oakland, he was shot!

Given the position that Gates has pronounced since the late eighties, if I had been the arresting officer and post-race spokesperson Gates accused me of racism, I would have given him a sample of his own medicine. I would have replied that “race is a social construct”–the line that he and his friends have been pushing over the last couple of decades.

After this experience, will Gates stop attributing the problems of those inner city dwellers to the behavior of “thirty five-year-old grandmothers living in the projects?” (Gates says that when he became a tough lover he was following the example of his mentor Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka as though his and Soyinka’s situations were the same. As a result of Soyinka’s criticisms of a Nigerian dictator, he was jailed and his life constantly threatened.)

Life is full of interesting turns.

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