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Karmic Koala is here

Ubuntu 9.10 has been released!


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Not Synonyms

In the worship of democracy often the purpose of democracy or any system of governance loses focus: Justice.

The purpose is Justice. Democracy is merely a device.

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Context is Everything

Without the context.

In context:

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Be Lucky

Seeking this world gets neither this, nor the next world. Seeking the next gets both.

Compare this.

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Goldstone Report

India voted in favour of it. Thank you, those in power.

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Have you noticed- in the english vocabulary, more than half a million words, mind you- there is no antonym for sin?

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Is seeking a military solution to an intelligence problem.

That’s like searching for the key where there is light. That’s not where the key dropped, bhai.

What they need are-

1. gather sound intelligence about who, why, what and how

2. get some brains working

3. act

Shooting missiles and/or firing cannons is not going to solve terrorism.

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