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Do you think the continuing wars had anything to do with the recession?

I suspect so because the money flow has been pushed outward faster by the wars in an already debt-based net importing economy. Obama admin responded by increasing money flow in the domestic market, but that’ll either increase inflation or make countries that hold US dollars unhappy or both. They obviously won’t like to be taxed by the US govt.

This is not the first time that war has ravaged an empire.


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There has been a flurry of suicide attacks in Pakistan in recent months.

Suspicions that it is CIA that’s behind all these suicide attacks in Pakistan have been making rounds.

The reason, they say, that it is highly unlikely that a religious group, no matter how fundamentalist, will never target Muslims for the fear of hellfire. Two, that the targets are tactically wrong. They de-legitimize them. Mosques, Muslims, markets. Apart from ISI headquarters, which, they argue is curiously accused of collaborating with the Tehreek. They argue that these attacks are to rile up Pakistani population so that they consent to fight against their own people, destabilize the country and then take out the nuclear weapons. US has now allied with India, they say. Thirdly, that it is impossible for the ISI to do anything independent of the CIA, given the history of the two organization in the last three decades. Whereas it is possible for CIA and other covert organizations to work independently of the ISI.

All that are valid arguments. I see no tactical reason why US would not engage in such actions. (Plenty immoral, but makes tactical sense.)

However, to have credibility, these will have to be proved and not just thrown into the air.

One might also ask- why is it that we mostly complain, and not do anything to mitigate the more deeper cause? Even if the CIA is doing all this, they are able to find people poor/desparate enough that they will do what they are doing.

Whoever is doing this (CIA or no CIA) are doing their part. But the larger, more important question is- are we doing our part?

60% of Pakistani population are born stunted. There is a tremendous gap- monetary as well as social- between the rich and the poor. Whereas it is for the service of the poor that we are given our excess provisions for.

It is not merely a Pakistani problem, although it is the most acutely affecting their society at the moment.

I hope that there is a serious push towards universal education, ennglish as a second language and stronger and better local public schools in the districts.

Having seen quite some of the world, I can say with some confidence that it is better for the entire society if there is equal opportunity for everyone. The elite may think that it is not in their interest. But it is. Not only in the other-worldly sense. In this-worldy sense as well. A community, where the power and wealth is accumulated is singularly weak and vulnerable. All one has to do is to take out the few powerful guys, and there you have it. The society loses all it’s power. And trust me on this one, the have-nots will not come to aid the havs. Perhaps justly so. (Unless, perhaps, it is the poor who take out the greedy rich criminal leaders among them- obedience is only in good, according to one Hadith.)

Whereas in an equal opportunity society, everyone has a stake in the well-being of the entire society. It’s one that’s much harder for anyone to take down.

I wish somebody takes this seriously, and starts empowering their own society. We are as strong as our societies are, by the Will of Allah.

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