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This is a problem of ego. We Muslims have very big ego- especially those in leadership position. Most of them start thinking they have become very important.

UPDATE: Alhamdulillah. It was resolved. Turns out we still have many responsible Muslims left. JazakAllah khair to Hidayath sahab who informed me of this.


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I’ve always said Al-Qaida hurts Muslims of all people the most. Now I am wondering whether they are a bunch of nuts who don’t know what they are doing, or whether they know it very well.

The timing of this incident is so significant, it can’t not be noticed. It comes just in time to strengthen Israel’s case in the US. When the Obama admin was trying to put pressure on Israel to stop the settlements.

And it kills one innocent civilian. God knows how many this event will cause to die.

May Allah punish and humiliate wrongdoers.

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Is it not our irrationality that sets us apart from the other animals? They seem to behave pretty sensibly.

I was at a talk today, and the speaker was quite nervous and so on. Would it not be sad if it she didn’t have a soul? If it was just electrical signals rushing through her brain? Would it not be sad if I were unreal, if my sense of me were just an illusion?

If that’s the case, then what’s wrong with killing someone? What’s up with morality? Let me just make sure that it is my DNA that gets through. But hey, why should even that matter? Why should I care if my DNA does not make it? What does anything matter? What does important even mean, if there is no soul and no morality? No Judge to decide between right and wrong?


But, alhamdulliah.

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