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Fantastic efforts are being made in Indonesia to clear up corruption and set up a honest, transparent system. My prayers are with them.

Some background:


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UPDATE(1pm, 21st April): Article on Ijtema.net:
‘Controversy’ Over the South Park Muhammad (SAW) Episode

Dear Friends,

There was an episode on South Park that used some imagery that might offend. It did offend me a wee bit. However, with every hardship comes an opportunity. This episode presents us with an unique opportunity to engage with the American people.

Please urge all your friends to react to the South Park episode.  Fox news is really trying to create a storm. The clearly are hoping for a terrorist attack on South Park.

Let’s outsmart them. Let’s proactively engage media. Don’t try to ignore this as silence will backfire. If some body does something violent, God Forbid, Fox will be all over it.

God damn O’Reilly for being so cynical and hateful.

Let’s engage South Park guys. I am sure they’ll be willing to engage. The episode was, clearly, a call to engage apart from other things.

I’ll watch the full episode and update.

Please share your thoughts. Let all the discussion be here. We’ll brainstorm and then will act, iA.

This is a golden chance to engage at least a section of the American media.Let’s make the best of it.

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Interesting facts:

CNN, BBC did not have the news on their front webpage. BBC has a link “What is WikiLeaks” for those who already know about it. But it does not talk to the uninitiated. Stop using these as “news sources” please. Treat them like the agenda drived information war machine that they are.

Funnily, FOX covered it on it’s front (web)page. Although they “understood” why the pilots behaved the way they did.

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