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Facebook’s hypocrisy was revealed when it removed pages extolling Hitler, but failed to remove pages offending Muslims on the same grounds.

We need alternative to Facebook. No more “Muslim networking” sites please. We need something that is universal, and not necessarily Muslim-owned (but what better than a bro/sis owning?) but respectful of all.

I am not deleting my Facebook account etc. I need an alternative.


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You probably know that Greece is in trouble. That it is deep in debt (to the tune of $400 billion, about the size of it’s yearly GDP.)

That’s true.

You may have heard that the Greek don’t work much. They retire at 50. They don’t work after midday. The economy failed because of the low production and high consumption.

That’s not true.

What has really happened is the following: Greece had a reasonable debt before the financial crisis hit in 2008. Although it is a small economy compared to UK/France/Germany, the government decided to run a bank bailout package. (I am guessing here- but probably to keep the banking institutions in their country or in exchange of favours. I don’t know exactly why.)

That was the beginning of their problem. After providing the bailout, the government did not have much money left for public services. The banks said- cut your expenses.

If you add all that up, basically what happened is the banks ate the tax money, and the people who provided the tax are being asked to pay for the loss.

Although this story is not what’s being reported. That’s because the newspapers are afraid/allied with the banks or they are just as ignorant about financial systems as most people are.

Wa’Allahu ‘Alim.

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Christians in Indonesia

It’s pathetic to see this. May Allah guide the misguided souls.

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