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Mohammad’s Story

Mohammad was a well known, honest and rich businessman living in a beautiful city called Al-Adibiyah. He lived a comfortable life with his loving wife and children.

One day, a band of invading Mongols attacked the city from the western seas. Anyone they caught was slaughtered. Everything they knew use for was pillaged. Anything they did not know use for was burnt.

Mohammad, his family, and some of his friends survived and escaped in the cover of night to a neighboring village, Al-Ayn. People in Al-Ayn was furious over the attack. They spent day and night discussing how disgusting the affairs of the Mongol were.

Mohmmad’s companions found shelter on the other side of the river al-Ayn. They were not allowed into the city. We don’t have enough supplies- the village elders said.

In their own discussions, they said to themselves- if we let Mohammad and his friends stay, they will never think about going back. They will share our bread. We are already fighting over what we have. We want more than what we have. If we let him in, we’ll have to manage with less.

So Mohammad’s family and friend stayed on the outskirts of the village for the next year. That winter, the Mongols moved in and killed everyone in the village of al-Ayn. Mohammad’s family was not spared this time.

This is not a true story. But it could be.


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Mass Strike in France

Is good news. Strong leftist movement means less racism.

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May Allah have mercy on those that won’t do the simplest things that may save millions of lives.

May the Merciful have mercy on them, and soften their hearts.

May the Merciful have mercy on them, and open their eyes.


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Israel has been a strategic asset for the US since the late sixties when the Arab countries turned to USSR for friendship, and has benefited greatly from the relationship. US relied heavily on Israel to counter Syrian and Egyptian governments in the region, and provided Israel with aid,  intelligence, expertise, equipment and political support. The cold war is over, and what Israel is worried that US may not care about it as much.

The Israelis came in with a belligerent attitude onto the Turkish ship Mavi Marmara, killing nine people from close range. Incidents that was certain to cause uproar in Turkey, and sour Turkish-Israeli relationship. This appears to be a deliberate goal of the campaign.

But Israel had a friend in Turkey in the region, even until 2008.

Which begs the question: why? Why alienate their only ally in the region?

It appears that now they see Turkey as a regional challenge. Turkey has been a staunch ally of the US for longer than 60 years,  recently has risen economically, and now the size of Turkish economy is three times that of Israel. They used to be comparable not so long ago.

Israel is afraid to have a country that is an ally of the US in it’s neighborhood that is much more important politically and economically than itself. It fears that Israel will become insignificant to the US (compared to Turkey) in the region. It therefore wants to sabotage the relationship between the US and Turkey by forcing US to choose between the two- so as to remain the only ally US has in the region. They want US to depend on Israel in that region and only on Israel. It will open US to blackmail.

Which is very clever, if not found out.

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There is no doubt the environmental impact of Deep Horizon spill is great. I wonder how many of God’s creatures will suffer for this spillage of our greed. I wonder how many lives will be destroyed because of this.

What is being talked about a lot is the response of the US govt with respect to the spill. First of all, it’s being called a BP spill, whereas three companies were involved in the project including Halliburton (Dick Cheney’s company). Actually it was Halliburton which was in charge of sealing the rig where the actual problem started.

I strongly believe that the singling out of BP for this disaster is a continuation of US’s hypocritically different treatment of foreign (BP, Toyota) and domestic (Dow, Goldman Sachs) companies. It comes from a protectionist standpoint to attack any vulnerable foreign company so that US companies can grow over the grave of these.

It is USA, however, that led the charge against protectionism in the rest of the world when it had the capital to invest in those markets and demolish local competition. Now that the world is fighting back…

Please don’t get me wrong here. I shed no tears for BP. I know how they and other oil giants destroy lives and livelihoods without the least concern.

However, I can’t but laugh at the US’s righteous rage.

Note that the government refuses to take charge of the cleanup. It knows that the task is nearly impossible, and wants to have BP to blame for the failure.

In two more months, the relief well should be done, and inshaAllah the situation will improve.

By the way, protectionism is not going to save US economy in the long term because of some systemic faults. The crisis in Europe is going to go back to the US in two years time, while Asian economies will continue to grow.

This is crucial time for Muslims. There will be a power vacuum. Question is who fill it? Russia unlikely. Either China, India, or a united Muslims.

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No surprise here. But now we have proof. A Brazilian woman, Iara Lee, has managed to smuggle some video of the massacre on Mavi Marmara, and it shows Israelis shooting (they are claiming it wasn’t live ammunition, but I am sure that’s also a lie) and throwing stun grenades at the activists. Some of the activists are seen throwing stones using slingshots.

I was trying to edit the Wikipedia article. It’s infested with Israeli trolls. We need more Muslims involved in there.

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Sad Week


It has been a sad week for me. The massacre of peace activists by Israel, the massacre at the Ahmadiya mosque in Pakistan, and the ongoing strifes in tribal India.

Israel is committing double the crimes by passing the blame on the victims. They forget that Allah is with the oppressed. They forget in their arrogance of false sense of power.

The attitude of many Muslims towards Ahmadiyas and others is also a source of pain and anger for me. It saddens me to think that it’s never going to go away.

So is the trouble in India. The majority, urban population do not seem to consider the tribals to be human beings.

And it’s not a new thing. It has always been like this. It always will be.


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