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Apparently, Nigeria has a flourishing film industry that produces more titles than Hollywood in a year.


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As-Salaamu Alaikum wa Rahmutullah wa Barakatuhu

First of all, happy new year to all (Hijri or otherwise!)

I just had to come out of hiatus to announce this: IJTEMA announces a photo competition with the title:

New Year, New Hope: Ijtema’s First-Ever Photo Contest!

Do take part, and let the photographers know! Good Luck Y’all!

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To bomb her, or not to bomb her? (Photo- Ali Majedor)

To be happy, or not to be, is the question.

Many of us are very happy about the NIE report that says Iran has no nuclear weapons program- which means one less reason to go to war.

But is it time to celebrate yet? I’d suggest caution.

The report also said Iran “stopped” it’s nuclear weapons program (NWP) in 2003- which means Iran had a NWP before 2003- something that’s very dangerous, and in contradiction with IAEA reports.

Mist ahoy, friends. Reduce steam and have faith.

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Qurratulain Hyder

I never knew about her, until Raza. And then Pakistaniat(Raza again).

My impression- she must be a Pakistani writer. (UPDATE(clarification): because there’s nothing visible in India)

Then along came 3quarksdaily. That shook me from my torpor.

Hell- 3QD is not a culture blog. It’s basically a science blog. And a very high profile one at that. If she appears there, she must be a bigshot. So I started reading the story carefully.

Surprise of surprises, she was an Indian! Omigosh, I’d never have guessed that. True, Raza spoke of Noida, but I didn’t take much notice. Probably because I wasn’t expecting her to be Indian.

Then I went to The Hindu (the newspaper. today’s editorial in it made me nauseate). Gave a search on her name to find out more. Guess what? They didn’t even publish the news that she was dead.

Why do I feel so empty? Why are my feet not steady on the ground? Is the ground there?

Lend me a light.

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