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I am really tired of all the chirping about things that don’t matter. Especially when people are losing their lives (but not dying!). Nero, why did they remember you, above all? We are you!

The “operation” at Orissa was far better planned and carried out than that in Gujarat. It was efficient, silent and media management was wonderful! So much so that it was not reported at all (no need to go to google and dig them out from their peaceful slumber in 20 feet deep holes. I know there are some)! (more…)


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The Viswa Hindu Parishad has purified (shuddikriya) 336 tribal converts to Christianity in front of a huge crowd. Days after thousands of dalits converted to Christianity and Buddhism

It comes after reports that a christian youth has been abducted and abused by a mob of VHP. The catholics have expressed convern over the activity of extremists long time back. Nuns have been abducted and sexually abused. They had been creating trouble regarding beef. In Berhampore of Orissa, they wanted to stop selling of beef.

RSS also has been very active in Orissa for past few years, as Human Rights Watch observes. They have even abused and threatened a senior judge, Justice K.K. Usha, of rape. She was conducting a survey on their activities.

Graham Stain’s murder case was different. He was not Indian. So international pressure forced the gornment to take action. At the same time it was proved that it can, if it wants to, get hold of these miscreants.

All these clearly suggests that the reconversion is done under threat.

Bribing into Christianity

It is often accused that Christians are converting using force and money. The second one is possible (There are many religious people who are ready to spend a lot of money for the cause). First one is not. The Hindu right wing has a lot of patrons.

The government often does not want to touch them. Even if it does want to, it does not have the courage to take it up. In short, in India, it is not possible for the Christans to force-convert.

These we don’t find very often in the media. Not atleast in the Indian media. They carefully avoid anger of the right.

If the Christins are useing money to convert people, they are definitely on the wrong path. Does that justify all the bullying and spreading of hatred?

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Conversion Menace?

Oh! The Hindu right wing is alerted again. Thousands of low caste Hindus are converting to Christianity and Buddhism (strange absense of Islam). The right wing is very very alerted.

When I ask them

Why? What is the problem if they convert?

Why are you Muslims always upto finding faults with Hinduism?

Hey I am not finding faults, I am asking you what’s the problem if they excercise their freedom?


Why don’t you work toward improving their situation?


They hardly care when they see the dalits being abused, being refused permission to enter temples. Even untouchability is not extinct yet. Marital relationship between castes is yet a dream. Why will not dalits be angry?

Perhaps this video poses these questions better than I can:

Is conversion a mere ritual?
Conversion isn’t a thing that occurs suddenly. Why would someone bother to convert if nothing is bugging him/her? In this specific case the social structure preached by the religion is important. When you declare you agree with them (the other religion that preaches a even society), that is a conversion. That is for others to know. It’s not for you.

Those dalits feel in their heart for a long time that they are not lessor than any of us. They merely declared that now. They are of the hope that in the new society they will be accepted with honour and love. And after converting atleast they can say to the ‘upper caste’ “we don’t care.”

It is, we can say, a peaceful rebellion of the injstice and injury we have given them for ages. These conversions are not exactly ‘spiritual.’

We too arn’t very scot-free. There are menaces of sects among Muslims. Shaikhs, Syeds etc. etc. Even though untouchability (as far as I am aware) does not exist among Muslim society, Marital relationship between different groups often are avoided. I came across an incidence where a corpse of a man of low social status was denied burial in village burial ground. These things are very sad and needs to be corrected.

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