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I wrote yesterday that I couldn’t install Ubuntu on my new netbook because the keyboard will not respond. Well, it seems there is a fix.

I found a BIOS patch on Acer’s website that solves the issue.

Here is what to do:

  1. Start your netbook on Windows 7.
  2. Go to this website.
  3. Select “Netbook -> Acer Aspire -> AO521 ” You should see a table with different downloads below your selection now.
  4. Click on BIOS.
  5. Select the first update that says “Fixes Keyboard issue in Linux.
  6. Unzip the downloaded file in the same folder and go to folder BIOS_Acer_1.08_Windows\WINDOWS\
  7. Finish anything else you were doing on the machine. Close all other programs before you proceed. This is important. Once the installation starts, it won’t let you do anything.
  8. Double click on the EXE file there. The installation should start, and then the system will reboot automatically.

You should be able to work with Linux now.

I am now going to try out two flavours- OpenSUSE and Ubuntu and to completely remove Windows from this machine. If you want to do this, make sure you create a system image on an external disk and a recovery disk. Otherwise you won’t be able to get your windows back if you want.


Quick note: It is a 64 bit processor, so it is better to use the 64 bit version.

Update on Operating System: I tried SuSE and it seemed to crash during installation.

Ubuntu is mostly working fine except for three glitches I found:
1. System fails to come up after a “suspend.”
2. The audio jack does not work.
3. Battery status is not shown in the status bar.

I will try to bring this to the developer’s attention. Not only for the improvement of Ubuntu, but because this is one of the few AMD netbooks out in the market.

UPDATE II: Acer support is so unresponsive!

Now for some fun.


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True Stories

Sameer: I ran behind the bus. Saved the fare. Five rupees.

Saeed: You could run behind a taxi. You would have saved fifty.


Ad: Buy our products today and save one thousand rupees.

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Craig Murray was told by BBC that he is too insignificant to be covered.

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  Is the internet no place for subtlety? I’ll give it a shot.

Neocon/Conservative Liberal/Democrat
Government Happy as long as government does not fall. Never happy.
Wants a strong government/defense for self, other’s weakened/changed Wants own changed, vary about others
Terrorism any action against US or Israeli interest people driven by hateful ideology act against innocent civilians. We should protect those innocent civilians.
Taxes Necessary evil Is a way of ensuring too much money does not accumulate at one place (except with the government)
Gays Should be wiped off the map “Me and my wife can understand the challenges that gays face.”
Bombers We are good, so God gave them to us We need to disarm —(opponent) so that there is no arms race
The poor Are a lazy bunch Should vote for us.
The Rich Good people Need to work with us for a better future
God Exists.
People in general are dumb are pretty smart, but only when given access to the right facts.
Marriage is a serious business. “My (fifth)wife and I are a happy bunch.”
“I could even marry to make my parents happy.”-child.
is a serious business. “My wife/(girlfriend) is my inspiration.”
“My parents are wonderful. They approve of my six figure boyfriend.”-child.

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Sen. McCain thinks vaccination causes autism.  Personal experience? His brain does seem a bit… err…

Let’s discover a vaccine against McPlague.

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No Thanks!


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