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MalalaMalala is right about women’s education. This little girl eloquently says what we all should agree on- that girls need to be educated. She’s even been attacked for saying something that has such strong roots within Islam.

Had it not been that Aisha (RA) was a scholar or that Fatima (RA) was a scholar, we would not have known explanations of many verses in the Qur’an.

Malala deserves to be lauded within our community.

Why the West is so excited about her struggle and her suffering, is an entirely different matter.

The suffering of Malala will be used again and again to kill her fellow citizens and fellow Muslims- her brothers and sisters. Her story will be told every time a bomb is dropped from drones, and more hearts stop beating.

Drone attacks that played a part in creating the TTP.

In every newspaper, every TV channel, whenever Malala comes up, pundits shake their heads at the brutality of the TTP- an organization that their government planted the seeds of in the 80’s.

A very close parallel is the brave Malalai Joya, who’s been touted before as the voice of Afghan women when she condemned the Taliban. As soon as she started demanding West withdraw from her country, Western media started ignoring her.

Malala Yusufzai can make sure she will be heard, loud and clear, if she goes up to that podium and says no thank you.


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AlJazeera’s coverage of the events have been arguably one of the best. However.

Has anybody else noticed that AlJazeera English stopped inviting As’ad Abu Khalil to comment on their programs after he criticized them about their Libya reports?

That’s notable because the ‘Arab Spring’ has been the focus of AJE’s reporting for the last three months.

And As’ad is right. AJE seems to rally with a certain agenda.

For example, it seems to sell the youth movements over other strands. In Egypt, when the referendum was up for votes, although it was clear most people there liked the referendum, AJE framed it in a way that put focus on the youth groups who were opposed to a yes vote (because they wanted a more drastic change in the constitution.)

The over-emphasis on social networking was annoying, because internet penetration in Tunisia (~30%) is quite low. Even less in Egypt (~20%). Why was the emphasis on English speaking affluent Facebook users, while somewhat downplaying  labour movements etc?

Similarly, AlJazeera seems to completely ignore support base that Gaddafi has in and out of Libya. They never reported on the laudable social programs that Gaddafi implemented- for example free education and free healthcare(1). Libya has a low GINI index (~36) which means less income inequality than most countries. AlJazeera never cared to report.

They also seemed to cheer the Western powers into invading Libya, whereas if they reported on the misgivings people have about another Western invasion, perhaps UN would mandate the neighboring Arab/Muslim countries to take action(2).

Even worse, AlJazeera barely mentioned the attacks on blacks in Libya by racist mobs and the lynchings that took place. Similarly, the attacks by some Bahrainis on South Asians got no attention at all.

They cold shouldered African Union when they expressed concern about the Western involvement, and also when offered to intervene to reach a deal.

I am not even sure that the ‘rebels’ in Libya are genuine about change. Despite all their bravado when facing the camera, they fled their posts when facing guns. That’s not the trademark of a desperate population, that’s the behaviour of rich who want others to fight for them. The situation only improved after Egyptian, British and some other special forces were seen on the ground.

And what was the “where are you Sarkozy” call (from some ‘rebels’) about? I have serious misgivings about who these Libyan ‘rebels’ are.

I think these issues can be understood when we recognize that AlJazeera is really a pan-Arab news channel that has a deep admiration for the West. That’s not unhealthy, but it’s important to keep in mind.


1. The way Gaddafi treated criticism can not and should not be defended, but that is the only thing that gets covered.

2. When there was reports of the crackdown in Libya, I was hoping for some kind of intervention from it’s neighbors. Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, and Turkey, even. It was naive to assume that the Western powers will let that happen. They like to ‘seize the initiative’, i.e. they want to be there and directing events wherever and whenever they can on whatever excuse they can find.

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UPDATE: Here is a collection by AJE itself.

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Racism in the CNN

The racist undertone and the hilarious stupidity of the anchor.

“conspiracy theories drive the middle east.” -those stupid “muzlims.”

“despite denials by the state dept.”- the state dept is the Ultimate Arbiter of Truth. That’s not logic, you moron. (By the way, these leaks was pretty certainly not leaked by the US state dept. The cost to benefit ratio for them is too high.)

a quick adhaan when showing Turkey- so that we don’t miss that it’s a Muslim country (and don’t think this was done with a good intention.)

“some of these conspiracy theories say that the secy state (Clinton) ordered that Ban ki Moon be spied on”… yeah, because the cables  do say that, and news outlets have reported on it. The audacity of American news channels, and the reliance on the stupidity (and laziness) of their viewers. The viewers, to be fair, do not let them down.

“because their govts spy on them, they think the US govt spies on them too.” the hilarity of this… (even howard zinn was spied on, and so was  charlie chaplin- by the US govts.)

btw, in one of the leaked cables, a Syrian official is quoted as saying- “we don’t collect as much information as you do, we just have better analysts, and that’s why we are better at tackling terrorism.”


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There is no doubt the environmental impact of Deep Horizon spill is great. I wonder how many of God’s creatures will suffer for this spillage of our greed. I wonder how many lives will be destroyed because of this.

What is being talked about a lot is the response of the US govt with respect to the spill. First of all, it’s being called a BP spill, whereas three companies were involved in the project including Halliburton (Dick Cheney’s company). Actually it was Halliburton which was in charge of sealing the rig where the actual problem started.

I strongly believe that the singling out of BP for this disaster is a continuation of US’s hypocritically different treatment of foreign (BP, Toyota) and domestic (Dow, Goldman Sachs) companies. It comes from a protectionist standpoint to attack any vulnerable foreign company so that US companies can grow over the grave of these.

It is USA, however, that led the charge against protectionism in the rest of the world when it had the capital to invest in those markets and demolish local competition. Now that the world is fighting back…

Please don’t get me wrong here. I shed no tears for BP. I know how they and other oil giants destroy lives and livelihoods without the least concern.

However, I can’t but laugh at the US’s righteous rage.

Note that the government refuses to take charge of the cleanup. It knows that the task is nearly impossible, and wants to have BP to blame for the failure.

In two more months, the relief well should be done, and inshaAllah the situation will improve.

By the way, protectionism is not going to save US economy in the long term because of some systemic faults. The crisis in Europe is going to go back to the US in two years time, while Asian economies will continue to grow.

This is crucial time for Muslims. There will be a power vacuum. Question is who fill it? Russia unlikely. Either China, India, or a united Muslims.

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Facebook’s hypocrisy was revealed when it removed pages extolling Hitler, but failed to remove pages offending Muslims on the same grounds.

We need alternative to Facebook. No more “Muslim networking” sites please. We need something that is universal, and not necessarily Muslim-owned (but what better than a bro/sis owning?) but respectful of all.

I am not deleting my Facebook account etc. I need an alternative.

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At least the worst has not happened at Copenhagen. The developing countries stood together, and prevented a bad deal pushing the poor countries to pay for the rich ones.

Sadly, my own country used to be with the poor and now it serves the rich. Although we are one of the poorest countries. For shame.

Obama, on the other hand lectured everybody on what they should do while his country pledged only 3.6 billion dollars. Remember how much he paid for the bailouts? Approx a trillion. Even japan pledged to pay 11 billion dollars. In his country, when the rich make mistakes, they are rewarded. Actually Wall street did not make mistakes. It is more like crime when they committed.

In one Hadith, the Prophet (SAW) reminded us, one of the things that devastated past nations is their different treatment of the poor and the rich.

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