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A case in Saudi has caught much attention.

The case was like this: a married woman was talking to her ex. Some other men came and raped her.

The rapists have been found and jailed. (They should actually be punished to death.)

The woman has been punished to lashes for being with a non-related man.

Now, she has been violated and that’s a major crime against her. She has already suffered a lot. Why punish her then? I mean she’s already suffered!


Media Headline: “Rape Victim Punished

What does that mean? It suggests that the woman was punished because she was violated. That’s (not) nonsense. (It’s a well conceived twist of words.)

She was not punished because she was raped. She was punished because she was guilty (according to UAE law) of something else.

Now, we can debate for days whether punishing a woman for being with non-makruh person or husband for millenia. But what I am trying to say is that she was not punished for being a rape victim.

I have heard that the Prophet used to preach to lone women.(Can somebody please confirm that?) But then he did not gossip or flirt with them.

And God knows best.


People have suddenly become very concerned about the well-being of Muslim women. Fun is United States is behind Sri Lanka in gender equality index.

Sarson mein bhoot… (rough translation: “when a devil plays god”).

Let us sort our problems out.


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Blood Diamond

Sometime back, I read IMeMy about this movie. I hadn’t watched it then.

Now I have.

I am not a literary character. So I’ll look at the movie with a different perspective. I will try to relate it with reality.

The intention behind making this movie seemed noble. It has drawn the dreary picture with expertise. It leaves the viewer dolorous. It pushed the issue of Sierra Leon into some unwilling heads.

However, it has it’s flaws.

First, it has not risen above the `white man’s burden‘ mentality. The black people are merely pawns in somebody else’s game.

The evil and the good, those who actually are playing the game, are white men. White businessmen are supplying the rebels with arms. Then they deploy mercenaries to keep the rebels in check. Ensuring a huge ransom from the government in the meantime, of course.

The hero, again, is a white man. The woman who could inspire him was, nothing you get for guessing it right, is again a white woman.

The blacks in the movies are sheep. They do not understand, they can not tell. The only black man shown up close- is a honest, simple, unthinking large man. You know the stereotype.

They need white men to protect and rule them.

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