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HP G62-347NR and Ubuntu

I tried a new HP laptop G62-347 NR, which features an AMD Athlon 2.2 GHz 64bit dual core processor with Ubuntu.

My impressions of both the laptop and it’s compatibility with Ubuntu are positive.

The keyboard is a bit awkward. Usually the ‘Ctrl’ key is at the bottom left. Here it’s left but one. Gets in the way sometimes.

Other than that, it’s first class stuff. Wide screen, and flawless with Ubuntu.

Cheap too.


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Watching Hollywood movies, you would think that there are only two kinds of people in the Islamic world. The innocent civilians. Their innocense is not innocence of not having committed crime. Their innocence is one akin to that of childhood. They can’t fend for themselves, and are like goat-herds in their behaviour and helpless screams.

The other type is the archetype tyrannical eastern rulers/warlords. They beat, kill and rob the innocent civilians.

There are no capable men (and women) out there.

Enter the white man. Ready and able to defend the innocent civilians from the tyrannical warlords. Hail to the West.

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Blood Diamond

Sometime back, I read IMeMy about this movie. I hadn’t watched it then.

Now I have.

I am not a literary character. So I’ll look at the movie with a different perspective. I will try to relate it with reality.

The intention behind making this movie seemed noble. It has drawn the dreary picture with expertise. It leaves the viewer dolorous. It pushed the issue of Sierra Leon into some unwilling heads.

However, it has it’s flaws.

First, it has not risen above the `white man’s burden‘ mentality. The black people are merely pawns in somebody else’s game.

The evil and the good, those who actually are playing the game, are white men. White businessmen are supplying the rebels with arms. Then they deploy mercenaries to keep the rebels in check. Ensuring a huge ransom from the government in the meantime, of course.

The hero, again, is a white man. The woman who could inspire him was, nothing you get for guessing it right, is again a white woman.

The blacks in the movies are sheep. They do not understand, they can not tell. The only black man shown up close- is a honest, simple, unthinking large man. You know the stereotype.

They need white men to protect and rule them.

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