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MalalaMalala is right about women’s education. This little girl eloquently says what we all should agree on- that girls need to be educated. She’s even been attacked for saying something that has such strong roots within Islam.

Had it not been that Aisha (RA) was a scholar or that Fatima (RA) was a scholar, we would not have known explanations of many verses in the Qur’an.

Malala deserves to be lauded within our community.

Why the West is so excited about her struggle and her suffering, is an entirely different matter.

The suffering of Malala will be used again and again to kill her fellow citizens and fellow Muslims- her brothers and sisters. Her story will be told every time a bomb is dropped from drones, and more hearts stop beating.

Drone attacks that played a part in creating the TTP.

In every newspaper, every TV channel, whenever Malala comes up, pundits shake their heads at the brutality of the TTP- an organization that their government planted the seeds of in the 80’s.

A very close parallel is the brave Malalai Joya, who’s been touted before as the voice of Afghan women when she condemned the Taliban. As soon as she started demanding West withdraw from her country, Western media started ignoring her.

Malala Yusufzai can make sure she will be heard, loud and clear, if she goes up to that podium and says no thank you.


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Sad Week


It has been a sad week for me. The massacre of peace activists by Israel, the massacre at the Ahmadiya mosque in Pakistan, and the ongoing strifes in tribal India.

Israel is committing double the crimes by passing the blame on the victims. They forget that Allah is with the oppressed. They forget in their arrogance of false sense of power.

The attitude of many Muslims towards Ahmadiyas and others is also a source of pain and anger for me. It saddens me to think that it’s never going to go away.

So is the trouble in India. The majority, urban population do not seem to consider the tribals to be human beings.

And it’s not a new thing. It has always been like this. It always will be.


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I’ve always said Al-Qaida hurts Muslims of all people the most. Now I am wondering whether they are a bunch of nuts who don’t know what they are doing, or whether they know it very well.

The timing of this incident is so significant, it can’t not be noticed. It comes just in time to strengthen Israel’s case in the US. When the Obama admin was trying to put pressure on Israel to stop the settlements.

And it kills one innocent civilian. God knows how many this event will cause to die.

May Allah punish and humiliate wrongdoers.

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After Fort Hood, came the Virginia Five, and then the attack by another Nigerian man.

What more the right wingers could hope for? They got their perfect weapons to move the country in a more reactionary direction.

It’s sad to see these incidents that nothing but harm the ummah.

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Please watch this.

Obama’s Afghan-Pakistan Syndrome.

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Is seeking a military solution to an intelligence problem.

That’s like searching for the key where there is light. That’s not where the key dropped, bhai.

What they need are-

1. gather sound intelligence about who, why, what and how

2. get some brains working

3. act

Shooting missiles and/or firing cannons is not going to solve terrorism.

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In a pattern which has become increasingly familiar in many parts of India, but particularly in Gujarat, once again in the run-up to the assembly by elections in Gujarat, a number of Muslim youth were picked up by police officials in plain clothes, illegally detained and severely tortured, before they were sent to judicial custody. Police (more…)

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