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Interesting facts:

CNN, BBC did not have the news on their front webpage. BBC has a link “What is WikiLeaks” for those who already know about it. But it does not talk to the uninitiated. Stop using these as “news sources” please. Treat them like the agenda drived information war machine that they are.

Funnily, FOX covered it on it’s front (web)page. Although they “understood” why the pilots behaved the way they did.


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It’s a shame that the Indian government does not allow this wonderful channel to downlink. What are they afraid of? Truth?

Please sign, and spread the word:
Allow alJazeera English to Download in India Petition

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I do not like the metaphor of country as mother. If at all, a country is more like a child than a mother.

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They will not let them. Nor can a good government survive when people they rule over are dishonorable.

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Corporate Media

What is wrong with the mainstream media is not that it gives out wrong opinions. What is wrong is that it gives out the wrong facts. Wrong facts give rise to wrong perception, and wrong perception leads to wrong opinion.

This I say for those who say “What’s wrong if they got it wrong? you can judge it for yourself.” Well, I can’t if they tell me lies. Nor can you. Unless you verify the facts from somewhere more reliable.

But if you are doing that, why go to the corporate media in the first place?

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I talked to Lena Khan a long time ago immediately after she won the One Nation contest for IJTEMA.NET.

As we have not gotten rid of the annoying bug there, I shall publish it here, now. For some reason, the podcast that we wanted never materialized. Therefore we are publishing a concize transcript of the discussion between Lena Khan and me.


As-Salamu Alaikum, how are you?

Lena Khan

Lena Khan

  • Wa’Alaikum as-Salam. Good, how are you?

Okay, so you are a professional, right? You were in the UCLA film school?

  • Yeah!

So you are planning to be in films full time.

  • Yes!

First tell me how your interests in films began..

  • I actually did my undergraduate degree, my bachelors’, in UCLA, in political science and history. And at the time I was studying, I was going to go to the graduate school, and study in one of those fields. But it seems here, a lot of public get a lot of their knowledge about different cultures, world issues, or history- from the media. They get it from movies or they get it from TV. So the people here will know a lot about those issues if you made a movie about them than when they were teaching about them in school. So I thought if I wanted to educate people, instead of becoming a professor, I would actually make the movies that gave a lot of those stereotypes and misinformation [sic].

So you think that these movies make a better connection with people’s minds than a professor’s lecture!

  • For the majority of people I think so. I mean there are some people that relate extremely well to academia. But for the majority of American [unclear], they connect extremely well to, well, movies. So people here will know a lot about Rwanda, because they made a movie called hotel Rwanda; but they won’t know about Sudan- because nobody has made a good movie about it. That’s the way people work here. The only thing they know about Muslims for instance, come from movies. They come from movies like The Siege, or Executive Decision where Muslims are shown as terrorists! Or they come from the news or TV shows. And until they see something different in movies, then that’s really what they connect to.


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Anyone still around?

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