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We have waited for 18 years for a verdict. I don’t remember the day the Mosque was brought down. But my mother tells me the whole town spent the night on their rooftops- looking for early warning of trouble. It was tense time in an otherwise idyllic little town.

A judgment is now around the corner. And I presume (and I hope) it will conclude that the Mosque was, well, a Mosque.

The lingering question is what do we do with the land afterwards? Provided we win the case.

Let us consider the facts. VHP has convinced a large number of poor, Hindu villagers that that was where Ram was born. They sincerely believe in that story, because that story gives them purpose, and something to hang on to in their misery.

We certainly have a right to rebuild the Masjid there. However, it will only strengthen the VHP.

Poor low caste Hindus are justifiably angry at their misery, and the VHP is looking for opportunity to turn their anger against other poor, marginalized communities in India.

Rebuilding the Masjid will only strengthen their (VHP’s) ranks.

Then, who will use that Masjid? The surrounding lands have been bought by VHP’s temple trust (or whatever it is called), and the city is bustling with their cadres. A Masjid there will be an easy target- the desecration of a Masjid may escalate. (they will love that.) It is almost certain that a)  the masjid will be desecrated, b) it will help the VHP. In this scenario, I dare say it may not even be permissible to build a Mosque at the location.

I am, therefore, in favour of building something else in that location. What about building a Hospital there?

Just imagine bearded doctors treating Hindus and Muslims in “Shifa Hospital.”


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