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Eid Mubarak.

And some good news:

Ijtema bloggers directory. Eid gift from Ijtema.net :)
One place to research the Islamosphere.

Find blogs according to
1. Interest
2. Location
3. Description and keywords

Find blog posts with custom search:
What the Muslims have to say about Obama, or Ubuntu. Whatever you want. :)

Rate and review blogs.

Add and promote your own blog

Announcement on Ijtema.net


Assalamu ‘alaykum dear friends of Ijtema.net!

It’s finally here… an exciting, new development from the Ijtema team… the Muslim Bloggers Directory!

The Muslim Bloggers Directory is a categorised collection of links to Muslim blogs, vlogs, and other multimedia channels, with a custom search engine allowing visitors to search through the actual contents of listed sites. It is open to submissions from the public… and it is entirely FREE!

Come on over and see if your site has been listed. If not, submit it today, and become part of the Ijtema community! Visit the FAQ page to learn more about the directory and how to use it, including how to claim an existing entry.

We hope to see you there soon!


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Ijtema is working this Ramadan to bring you a new service soon.

Read on at IJTEMA.

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The promised super-sleek IJTEMA 2.0 is here.

It was designed by Shazia and our beloved sister iMuslim. Brother Teakstar designed the beautiful header.

It has the following new features:

  1. Video and Audio on a separate panel to the right, for the multimedia savvy.
  2. Easier navigation

Over the next week, Multimedia comes to Ijtema:

    1. New video content thanks to a collaboration with HalalTube.com.
    2. Coverage of the Islamic Arts scene by Teakster.
    3. Podcast expert iMuslim is going to take care of audio podcasts.

Also winners of “New Year, New Hope” photo contest has been announced. Head over to IJTEMA to see the winners and some other highlights.

We hope to come back with NYNH contest next year, God Willing.

And while I am at it, let me also mention that MM also got a super sleek look.

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As-Salaamu Alaikum wa Rahmutullah wa Barakatuhu

First of all, happy new year to all (Hijri or otherwise!)

I just had to come out of hiatus to announce this: IJTEMA announces a photo competition with the title:

New Year, New Hope: Ijtema’s First-Ever Photo Contest!

Do take part, and let the photographers know! Good Luck Y’all!

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