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Racism in the Air

I recently took a British Airways flight, and had a bad experience. I believe racism had something to do with it.

I will also not recommend MakeMyTrip.com.

From now on, I am going to patronize airlines owned by my brothers and sisters. My experience will improve, iA.


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The stupid policeman in his arrogance did not realize what he was doing. He was actually shooting his own foot. Gates had every right to ask for police badge (how do you know he’s not posing? just coz he’s white?) and that hurt the ego of the arrogant man. (For some reason police in big cities of USA seem to be on steroids. Is it a hollywood effect?) Anyway, hopefully the way the event played out, the racist elements of the police will be more careful inshaAllah.

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We feel happy about something bad going away, and then truth strikes. I hope one day we shall rise above it.

Racism isn’t a thing of the past yet.

(Through Rockin Hijabi)

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Okay, I am not a Hindu, nor do I believe in Hinduism, but it is true that Hinduism is inclusive religion in terms of tenets. You can believe almost anything and still be a Hindu. All that matters is paying ode to culture.

The fanatic branches of Hinduism, the VHP, the RSS etc. are an anomaly. They sing the praise of the name Hindu (which was, by the way, coined by Muslims) but they were actually inspired by non-Hindu sources.

History of that I found out very recently. The Hindu Nationalism actually got it’s roots in late nineteenth century Europe when Nationalism was flourishing. Their growth is parallel to, and inspired by the growth of Nazis. Many Hindu Nationalists were all flowers about Hitler.

More on this later.

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I have to write something positive.

But I feel so sorry, so dejected and helpless.

No, I have hope.


For this is only a passing thing, this life.

And the sufferings are only perceptions.

Not a thorn pricks ye but to relieve ye from sins, or to raise thy station.

No, nothing is lost, for this is but a test.

O Lord, help us walk on the Straight Path-

The Path of righteousness, of love and compassion,

And above all, in submission to Thee.

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British military scientists sent hundreds of Indian soldiers into gas chambers and exposed them to mustard gas, documents uncovered by the Guardian have revealed.The Guardian understands that the British military did not check up on the Indian soldiers after the experiments to see if they developed any illnesses. It is now recognised that mustard gas can cause cancer and other diseases.Many suffered severe burns on their skin, including their genitals, leaving them in pain for days and even weeks. Some had to be treated in hospital.

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(There aren’t many people reading this blog these days (am I becoming senile?) Those who have stuck around, please help discuss this very important issue.)

Muslims in India are very poorly represented in the upper part of the ladder of education and the upper niche of the societies due to many internal and external reasons.

Question is: what must be done to solve it and how?

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