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Peaceful Atheists?

I love talking about myths.

There is a myth that Atheists have never committed atrocities in the name of atheism (I would like to substitute “atheist religion” here, but that’s politically incorrect).

That is not true. Have we forgotten the communists? Both the Leninists and the Maoists?

USSR was officially an Atheist state. Walls were filled with anti-religious writings. Jails were filled with sympathisers of religion. Practice of any religion was discouraged and if allowed, was more or less under state supervision.

Atheist China’s anti-religious activities (atrocities? because they were imposed, not preached?) are known. It’s trouble with Tibet (Buddhists) often find column space in international news-magazines. There are some troubles in the western China with the Muslims as well; but that’s not as well known as the Tibet trouble.

UPDATE: (Clarification) I am not trying to say that Atheists are, as a rule, theocratic and oppressive. I know some very good Souls who are Atheists. I know some very nasty ones who believe in existance of God.

I am merely trying to say that it is not true that there has never been atrocities in the name of Atheism.


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